It’s a common secret to all cycling lovers that there is no comparison between the feeling you get from a ride with a car next to the joy and the connection with the surroundings when you’re riding a bike.


The territory around Nyfi is perfect, among other activities for cycling, either you ‘re into racing or you just want to have a good time. The peace and tranquility can only be disturbed by the sound of your pedals under your feet, the chirping of the birds, the cows in your way and the beach waves. The overwhelming smells, the picturesque villages and the clean shores will travel you in another era.


Don’t feel surprised if you find yourselves among cubs and cows and little pigs that cross the street without even noticing you. They are part of the beautiful scenery around you. So go on and cycle through the Inner Mani… either you like going up the road….down the hill….or just follow the easy hurdles road…


Agios Kyprianos is a small village and a beach located near Nyfi in ideal distance for cycling from the hotel


So, get in front of the cycling in Mesa Mani …